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Sunday 25th May 2014

An Afternoon at the Theatre

Admittedly we are not the most cultured of families, our collective experience of the theatre amounts to a few pantomime performances and the odd West End show. So when we were offered the opportunity to visit Greenwich to watch a performance of Alice and Wonderland we set off not really knowing what to expect.

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In November 2011, I had my first short story published in an anthology of ghost stories called "Things that go bump in the night"

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In a digital world...

I'm an application developer currently working at James Villa Holidays. My background is in Front-End website development, learning my trade working at two of London's premier marketing agencies across a range of clients such as Shell, HSBC, O2, Vodafone, Rimmel London, EDF Energy and many more.

I love social media and the idea of digital connectivity. I believe that World Wide Web empowers people and that we have a responsibility as people to make it what we want it to be, entirely reflective of ourselves and our individual values.

There are plenty of reasons why I haven't showcased any of my agency projects on this site, mainly as I was a small cog in a big wheel and I wouldn't want to be seen as taking any of the credit. If you want to see any of the projects I played a part in, get in touch.

From the broom cupboard...

However, there have been the odd occasions when someone has asked for a little helping hand. Here are some of my more personal projects, websites I have built in the spare time between work, the Gills and looking after the little ones!

  • King's Church Medway
  • Caring Hands in the Community
  • Light the Way
  • Plugin Electrical Services
  • Euro Diamond Drilling
  • Choc In A Box
  • Cuzons Electrical Services
  • EOD Contracts Ltd
  • VDF Solutions
  • Longley Academy
  • HSP Couriers
  • Smart Start Day Nursery
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My First Year

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